When traveling with my daughter, I always try to book suites.  Why?  Because I can relax in my own room while she sleeps or naps and I don’t have to worry about distracting her. Have you ever made the mistake of not booking a suite and having to relegate yourself to the bathroom for an hour while your toddler fights going to sleep for the night?  Well, I have and I will never do it again! I have learned from my mistakes and now books suites when traveling.  Villas and house rentals are great for family travel. And more recently, due to COVID, staying at a villa or house rental is even more preferable to suites because of the ease of social distancing.

Villa with an Amazing View

Villa and house rentals can be found throughout the world.  There are exciting options on every continent (well except for Antarctica).  Amazing villas can be found throughout Europe, the Caribbean, Florida, Utah, California and many other locations.  No matter where you travel you can find a villa or house rental that will suit your needs.

The primary benefit, of renting a house or villa, is the private amenities.  You don’t have to share your space with anyone else (unless you choose to).  Many villas have private pools and hot tubs.  Some villas have private playgrounds, private beaches, private saunas, or even private bowling lanes.  You may even be able to find a villa themed around your favorite character or movie.  If you want to splurge, you can even get your own private chef.

Villa with Private Pool

There are villa and house rentals on most Caribbean Islands.  These villas often include infinity pools, private beaches or a full staff including gardener, chef, butler, and housekeeper. One of my favorite villas in Jamaica includes 2 private infinity pools, a hot tub, a private beach, oceanfront alfresco dining where your private chef serves your meals, and private tennis courts.  What more can you ask for?

Grand Caymen Villa with a Private Pool and Beach

Europe also has many amazing villas as well as many houses available to rent.  These villas are different than the Caribbean because, while many also have water views, they often have views of charming towns and historic buildings.  Many of the rentals are historic themselves and put you in the middle of a piece of history.  You can appreciate the culture and architecture without having to leave your private escape. Whether you want to stay in a historic chateau in the Tuscan countryside or a mansion in Paris, there is something for everyone.

Historic Villa in Tuscany, Italy

If you are traveling with kids, look no further than Orlando, Florida for your perfect villa or house rental.  Orlando has numerous villas that hare more imaginative and have more amenities than you could dream of.  Not only can you get your own private pool and hot tub, you can get private amenities such as a lazy river, basketball court, game room, movie theater, indoor treehouse playground or bowling alley.  There are also villas that have themed rooms such as Nintendo Mario, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, and Disney Princesses.  Your kids will be so enthralled with the setting and amenities that you may decide to never leave your rental.  However, if you want more entertainment, Walt Disney World, Universal and Lego Land are all a short drive away.

Fun Villa in Orlando, Florida

Now is the time more than ever to book consider booking a villa or house rental for your family.  Rentals can range from one bedroom to 15 bedrooms.  You can get some amazing private amenities.  These villas and house rentals allow you to take a must needed vacation, get some rest yourself, and have a great time will staying socially distanced.  Villas and house rentals are going fast for the spring and summer of 2021 if you would like to rent one make sure to plan ahead!