Points and Miles

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What if I Want to Use My Points for Flights?

If you are interested in using your hard-earned points or miles for flights, then you're in the right place! In the same way we handle typical bookings, we'll create a custom-built itinerary that fits your unique tastes and preferences for all non-flight elements of your trip - consider this as crafting your own personal recipe for adventure! Although you'll be taking the lead in booking your flights using your points and miles, Danielle's Dream Destinations is with you every step of the way. As for fees, simple itineraries come at no extra cost. However, intricate plans require a small, non-refundable planning fee. Please note that while we're ready to provide suggestions, changes or rebooking of flights will be your responsibility. Rest assured, though, as having us plan the rest of your package entitles you to our standard "on trip" support.
The responsibility of knowing your transfer partners and ensuring you have sufficient points for your flights will be on your end. If securing the best points deal is your top priority, we highly recommend you book your flights before planning the land portion of your adventure. The logic behind this is simple — the most rewarding points deals tend to fill up fast, requiring you to be flexible with your dates and destination. If you're envisioning a cruise or land tour with fixed dates, please bear in mind that the best points deals for flights may not necessarily be available. Regardless, your dream destination is calling, and we're here to help you get there!

What If I Want to Use Points For The Majority of My Trip?

For the savvy traveler who desires to customize their magnificent journey while utilizing their hard-earned points, our Custom Points Planning Package is here to deliver the best of both worlds. Imagine enjoying the advantage of our professional expertise in crafting a knowledgeable and well-informed itinerary while reaping the rewards of your points to save money. You'll share your collection of airlines, hotels, and such where you've gathered points, and we'll assemble an itinerary maximizing those points wherever possible. However, do keep in mind that it might not always be possible to use points and miles for every part of your journey. Once your route plan is finalized, you'll step into the shoes of a travel agent, booking on your own and assembling your own documents and itinerary. Since the trip's components will not be booked by us, we won't be able to provide on-trip support.
The price of these packages fluctuates depending on their complexity, typically falling between $200 and $700. After our consultation, you'll be informed about the exact fee. At this point, you can decide - either you venture forward by paying the nonrefundable planning fee, or embark on the quest of planning on your own. Please keep in mind that this fee covers one itinerary, with minor tweaks to components based on the vacation you've described. Amendments in dates, destinations, and more may result in additional fees.