Nashville, like Memphis, is known for its barbecue.  However, while Memphis is known for mainly one type of barbecue, Nashville boasts many types of barbecue.  If you love barbecue keep reading!

Barbecue Ribs


  1. Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint

Martin’s Bar-B-Joint is best known for its whole hog BBQ. All food is cooked fresh daily from scratch and the restaurant was once featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives”.  Martin’s Bar-B-Que is so popular that there are now 9 locations with 3 in Nashville.  Martin’s Bar-B-Que huge downtown location invites people off the streets with the smell of roasting pigs from the hog pits.  Once inside the delicious food, live music, and games give visitors a great experience.

  1. Peg Leg Porker

All food at the Peg Leg Porker is cooked from fresh every day.  For this reason food is served until they run out so visitors might want to visit for lunch rather than dinner.  The family owned and operated restaurant is known for its southern hospitality.  The name Peg Leg Porker comes from the owner Carey Bringle remembering his grandfather cooking whole hogs (though the restaurant serves some other meats pork is the main feature on the menu) and because Carey Bringle lost his leg to an aggressive bone cancer as a teenager.  Though the back story is fascinating but the food is just as great.  The restaurant is known for its signature line of signature sauces and rubs.

  1. Bar-B-Cutie Smokehouse

The original Bar-B-Cutie opened in Nashville as a car hop business (what we would consider a drive through today). Bar-B-Cutie was so popular that it soon expanded to multiple locations and it now has locations in three states.  In 2015 the name changed to Bar-B-Cutie Smokehouse. Bar-B-Cutie Smokehouse is environmentally conscious and uses 10 times less wood than traditional BBQ pits as well as locally sourced wood in each of its locations. Delicious smoked meats are served quickly for those that are a little more rushed on time.

  1. Jack’s Bar-B-Que

Jack’s Bar-B-Que is credited with starting the revitalization of the Lower Broadway part of Nashville.  When the original restaurant opened the BBQ was so good that people flocked to it and led to the area becoming more frequented by locals and visitors.  Now Jack’s Bar-B-Que has 3 locations and is known for many kinds of meats and also family meals.  The hickory smoked barbecue is smoked for 18 hours at 250 degrees to result in meat that falls apart in your mouth deliciousness.

  1. Edley’s Bar-B-Que

Edley’s Bar-B-Que offers a great neighborhood vibe and you are treated like an old family friend.  The popular restaurant has expanded to 4 locations.  Try to grab some outside seating for a great ambience.  In addition to the neighborhood feel, Edley’s Bar-B-Que offers wonderful BBQ and traditional southern sides.  Just a heads up that the brisket often sells up at the end of lunch and if you like mac n cheese definitely try it here.

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