All-inclusive properties are a great option for family travel.  Many activities are available right on the property that cater to all ages.  Multiple restaurant options are available for all different tastes.  Most all-inclusive resorts have multiple pools, beachfront locations, and many scheduled activities.  All ages can join in age-appropriate active activities or relax when they want.  Parents can get some time to themselves while their children play with other kids at the on-site Kids Clubs.

However, most resorts do not have Kids Clubs that are available for children 3 and younger (or sometimes even 4 and younger).  Young children command so much attention that it is hard for parents to find time to relax while on vacation without a Kids Club.  The Franklyn D. Resort & Spa solves this problem by having a personal vacation nanny for each room.

Partial ocean view from Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Partial ocean view, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

The Franklyn D. Resort & Spa is an all-inclusive resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica.  Many direct flights from all over the U.S. to Montego Bay Jamaica make the Franklyn D. Resort & Spa an easily accessible family destination.  To make travel even easier, Franklyn D. Resort & Spa provides a free shuttle to and from the airport and resort.  The only catch: the shuttle does not provide any car seats so you will have to bring your own.

The Franklyn D. Resort & Spa offers many different accommodation types including many various suite options.  Suites are the best options for families because you can put your child(ren) to sleep and have a place to relax on your own without waking them up.  There are junior suites, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and even 4 bedrooms available so choose what is best for your family.  And all children are a reduced rate with children 5 and under free.  The spacious rooms have basic decorations.

Upon arrival at the resort, you will be met at the front desk by your vacation nanny (if it is during their hours).  Your vacation nanny works 8:30-4:30 with a break for lunch and you can hire her for extra hours during the evening at a very reasonable rate.  Your vacation nanny will help you to get acclimated to the resort while other staff will bring your luggage to your room.  The resort is small and very quickly the resort staff get to know you.

Vacation nanny at Franklyn D. Resort & Spa in Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Vacation nanny with child

The beach area at the resort is small but in a protected cove and great for young children.  There are beach chairs along with a chest of beach toys for children to play with.  The beach is not the best beach for adults but an agreement with a neighboring hotel allows guests of the Franklyn D. Resort & Spa to use their beach.  As you walk over on the beach a staff member will even bring you a beach chair.

There are many on-site activities. There are a few pools for visitors to enjoy.  There is a large pool for the family to enjoy together.  There is a large slide that kids, teenagers, and adults can enjoy.  There are also 2 kiddie pools, one with a small slide.  There are kayaks, a glass bottom boat ride, and snorkeling.  Visitors can play in the game room or partake in a game of basketball.  Adults can enjoy some relaxation at the on-site spa.

There are multiple dining options at Franklyn D. Resort & Spa.  There is a specific kids dinner with kid friendly favorites including pizza, French fries, and chicken nuggets.  The kids love watching the movie of the evening while dining.  Adults that prefer to eat at the specialty restaurants can hire the nanny to watch their children while they dine on French or Italian Cuisine.  Children are not allowed In the specialty restaurants except during slow times.  Or if your family prefers to dine together, you can dine in the main restaurant.  The food at all the restaurants is ok but not find dining.  The best thing about all the restaurants is they are all alfresco overlooking the ocean.  Most nights there is live music for visitors to enjoy while eating.

Alfresco Dining at Franklyn D. Resort & Spa, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Alfresco Dining at Franklyn D. Resort & Spa, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

The nanny that will help your family out makes the Franklyn D. Resort unique.  The fee for one nanny is included in the cost of the room.  If you want additional nannies, you can hire them by contacting the hotel ahead of time.  The nanny makes your vacation your own.  You can choose to spend your time away from your children or you can hang with your children while the nanny makes everything easier.  While you pack, your nanny can help to get your young child ready for the beach, so you have more time to enjoy yourself whatever you are doing.  All the nannies are attentive and will watch your child as they play at the beach or pool. When they are tired of the water, they can participate in activities at the kids club or they can play on the slides or swings.

Kids activities at Franklyn D. Resort & Spa, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Kids activities

Visitors should not expect a luxury property at the Franklyn D. Resort & Spa.  If you expect luxury you will be disappointed.  The rooms are clean but basic.  The food is ok but not gourmet.  The property is small and older but has hidden gems.  What makes the Franklyn D. Resort & Spa special is the people.  The staff knows you by name. If you are looking for your child and their nanny, they can always point you in the correct direction. They are always there to help you out.  And most of all the nanny makes your child’s vacation amazing and allows you to have some time to relax yourself.