2022 Olympic Games

Beijing, China February 4-20, 2022


Experience the Culture

Beijing China is an ancient city steeped in history. It was established over 3,000 years ago.  It was called Jin City back in 11,000 BC and has been the capital for over 700 years.  

Experience the Ultimate Competition

Few spectators get to experience the excitement of an Olympic Games. The tension can be felt through the arena and the amazing performances are so much more electric than any other competition.  

The Olympics Games are spread out over 2 weeks of events. Figure skating will be held at the Capital Indoor Stadium. Spectators should decide which skating events they want to attend and also if they want to attend the Opening or Closing Ceremony. While at the Olympics it might be worth getting tickets to other sporting events as well.  

Even the excitement and allure of the Olympic Games cannot take away from seeing the cultural and scenic sights.  Tiananmen Square and the nearby Forbidden City are necessary sightseeing stops. Forbidden City is the largest imperial palace in the World. To avoid the largest crowds, visitors should head out of the city on a day trip to visit the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall is 356 miles long and has many great locations to walk on the wall.  

Visitors will find a wide array of accommodations in Beijing. Visitors can stay at a more traditional Chinese hotel or at a brand name hotel that offers American amenities. Visitors looking for the comfort of home can stay at the JW Marriott. While it is a subway ride to most of the attractions, the knowledge that you are returning from a busy day to a comfortable room and service friendly staff makes it worth the extra time. Visitors looking to stay near many attractions should consider the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel. After a long day return to a great restaurant featuring Cantonese and Northern Chinese specialties and a comfortable bed.