I get this question all the time.  Well, the main reason to use a travel advisor is because we are professionals.  We know more about the industry and the current travel climate than anyone else.  Our training, our experience, and our connections allow us to be more informed so that we can make sure our guests have the best experience possible.

As a travel advisor, I am a professional that continually looks to increase my knowledge through continued trainings and travels that include new experiences and destinations.  My knowledge allows my guests to have better experiences and create lasting memories.  My guests are excited to enjoy their upcoming vacation and confident that all their needs are taken care of.

But you might still think “I can still plan my vacation by googling”.  Well yes, simply you can.  However, a professional can provide a better quality.  You can also google symptoms of an illness and google will give you many possibilities.  But it is a doctor, a professional, who can narrow down those possibilities to the most likely option and prescribe the best treatment based on their experience and training.  You can do your taxes at home but a CPA, a professional, will likely be able to find all of the tax breaks that you qualify for.  You can also cut your hair at home, but most people I know prefer to go to a hairdresser, a professional, to get their hair cut because the hairdresser does a better job and can help to find the styles that work best for them.

So to answer the question of “why use a travel advisor”, you should use me to book your vacation because I am a professional who can provide you a better experience and service.