Flights can be confusing!  There are so many schedules, airlines and fare classes to choose from.  As a travel advisor I can help you narrow the options down based on my knowledge of the airlines and general travel trends.

There are many flights daily to most destinations. A nonstop flight is the most desirable but often the most expensive which can become prohibitive especially for larger families.  Therefore, many travelers consider flights with one, two, or even 3 connections.  When searching for options you may be attracted to the least expensive options. However, these often have layovers of 40 or less minutes (some even as short as 25 minutes!).  These short connection times often lead to missing the second flight or even if you make it, your bags don’t.  These are not great ways to start a vacation, honeymoon etc!  Other options with attractive prices may have layovers that are 12 or more hours.  These are not necessarily bad, but you need to be aware and have a plan in place (airport lounge, nearby hotel for the night, or time to explore the city). As a travel advisor, I can help to wade through the many schedule options to find the best possibility for you.

There are so many airlines out there and they all offer different experiences.  Some airlines are budget airlines and will offer a great base price but then you have to pay for everything including seat selection, carry on bags, printing of tickets, and even water on the plane.  Some airlines will include a lot more with a ticket purchase (depending on fare class bought).  You don’t want to be surprised with lots of extra fees.  As a travel advisor, I can help you navigate the options so you know what you are buying with your ticket and any extra fees that might be associated with it.

Even when you have decided on an airline and schedule, there are still so many different fare classes.  First class, business, premium economy, economy, main cabin, extra leg room, and basic economy to name a few. Did you know that when you search flights the prices that come up usually reflect basic economy pricing? Most basic economy flights do not include carry on bags or seat selection. Imagine your surprise if you show up for your flight and your 4 year old child is sitting 3 rows in front of you?  Or you are on your honeymoon and your new spouse is sitting 7 rows behind you.  What a great start to your vacation/honeymoon.  I can help you to select a flight class that includes what you need to have a great trip.

When you book your trip with me, my services include navigating all the different flight options so that your trip gets off to a good start!