2023 World Championships

Saitama Japan March 20-26, 2023

See the best skaters in the world as you explore the wonders of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Saitama Japan


Saitama Japan is a diverse area of contrasts.  City verses country. Traditional verses modern.  Located not far from Tokyo, the area closest to Tokyo shares features of the large metropolis while the areas further away from the city are remote countryside.  The area intertwines old traditional buildings with modern buildings and features.

Things To Do

There is so much to explore in Saitama. Visitors can visit numerous temples and shrines including the Kitian Temple and the Musachi Ichinomiya Hikawa Shrine. Saitama is also known for bonsai trees and there is a village and many museums dedicated to the tree.  Visit the town  of Kawagoe (also known as Little Edo) to explore the history of an old castle town.  More adventurous travelers can venture down the Arakawa river.  Late March is the perfect time to visit the cherry blossoms at Nagatoro.  And visitors can get a great view of the large volcano Mount Fuji.